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The Adventure Begins: Morphling Country

Seven months ago...
Anna: After having said goodbye to Elsa and Kristoff in Arendelle, Anna's carriage entered a new realm, passing through a portal into the Morphling Country, a world of strangeness. This was the realm of characters such as the Mad Hatter (who had left for Wonderland), Belle (who had moved to the World of Magic), and most importantly, Janus, the God of Choices.
Anna asked a commoner, "Do you know where Janus is?"
The commoner pointed at the Temple of Janus.
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The Adventure Begins: Wonderland

Queen of Hearts: She was satisfied with today's beheadings when she received a letter from Hades. The Queen wasn't in the Underworld. Why? Yes, she was on the dark side. But she hadn't really been a villain; just a psychopath. There was a difference.
Hades' letter told her to go to the Royal Kingdom of the Apple. So the Queen left her pet Cheshire Cat in charge of running Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts summoned her magical power and teleported away.
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The Adventure Begins: Arendelle

Kristoff: In Arendelle Castle, Kristoff was reading and writing reports on the week's ice exports when Kai entered the room.
"Your Majesty... a letter from Queen Snow White."
"Thank you," Kristoff said, thinking, "what does Snow want from me?"
Kristoff's eyes widened in horror as he learned off the recent Soulless attack.
"Yes... I must go," he thought. Kristoff quickly wrote down a letter to Elsa and Anna explaining his mysterious disappearance. "Give this to the sisters," Kristoff ordered Kai. Kai nodded, and exited. Kristoff went to the stables. "Are you ready for a trip to Snow's castle?"
"Of course I am," Kristoff said, speaking for Sven. "Then let's go," Kristoff said.
Kristoff took a last glance at the Arendelle Castle, then he and Sven raced off into the distance.
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The Adventure Begins: The Royal Kingdom of the Gem

Snow White: Queen Snow White looked out of the castle window, watching everyone mill about doing their work. Satisfied, she went to her room when a guard arrived.
"Your Majesty! The Soulless have attacked!"
Snow gasped. "It's time. Call Prince Kristoff. The adventure begins."
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